Kids Fashion Marketplace

Kidrovia’s Story: Kidrovia, a renowned fashion retailer with a rich history in brick-and-mortar stores, recognized the growing importance of online presence to reach a wider audience and offer their signature “famously branded clothes at ridiculously low prices” nationwide. Infoware was entrusted with the task of bringing Kidrovia’s unique value proposition to the digital world. Our […]

Restaurant & Supply Chain Marketplace

Client Challenge: The client sought a comprehensive solution encompassing three areas: Infoware’s Solution: Instead of separate solutions, Infoware offered a unified approach with two key components: Highlights: Technologies & Integrations: Additional Notes: This project demonstrates Infoware’s expertise in developing comprehensive solutions that integrate seamlessly with various technologies and cater to diverse client needs.


Infoware will help you in designing and developing  a fully responsive, conversion optimized ecommerce store to increase visitor traffic and help your brand sell more online. Build an online marketplace for both customers and merchants with our multi-vendor marketplace solutions supporting large catalogs and extended functionality. Inquire Now We Build Market Place For Your Product […]