Restaurant & Supply Chain Marketplace

Client Challenge:

The client sought a comprehensive solution encompassing three areas:

  1. Food & Grocery Ordering: A platform for customers to order food, groceries, and dine-in reservations.
  2. Restaurant Operations: A system to track restaurant supplies, manage table orders, and offer a POS system for billing and payments.
  3. Restaurant Management: Software to manage staff, customers, analyze weekly reports, and monitor online/offline orders and food supplies.

Infoware’s Solution:

Instead of separate solutions, Infoware offered a unified approach with two key components:

  • Restaurant Management Software:
    • Tracks restaurant performance metrics like food/supply levels, table orders, and staff performance.
    • Provides a user-friendly POS system for managing bills and payments.
    • Analyzes data to generate weekly reports and track online/offline order statistics.
    • Includes staff and customer management functionalities.
  • Connectivity Modules:
    • A series of interconnected modules designed to streamline and optimize specific transactions within the restaurant’s supply chain.
    • These modules handle functions like inventory management, supplier relationships, and customer retention.


  • This project showcases Infoware’s ability to deliver end-to-end solutions encompassing various aspects of restaurant & supply chain management.
  • The project involved unique integrations, including:
    • Google API Translation: Translates user-generated content for a fully multilingual user experience.
    • Solr Sunspot Technology: Enables efficient searching of multilingual content within the application.

Technologies & Integrations:

  • Front-end: React.js, SCSS
  • Back-end: Ruby on Rails, Redis, Sidekiq, RSpec
  • Cloud: Amazon AWS
  • Integrations: Google Translate API, Paytm/UPI, Mailgun, AWS Cloud Services

Additional Notes:

This project demonstrates Infoware’s expertise in developing comprehensive solutions that integrate seamlessly with various technologies and cater to diverse client needs.

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