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About The Project

The client reach out to build an  application which should be available for all the users where they can read any book they want in their phone and even if they want to buy the same book they can purchase it with the same application. In application there were filters for deciding the book genre  and author too. The client wanted the user pallette in the application where they can check what’s the behaviour of an reader, student or the aspirants for using the app, So that they can use this data to cater them more effectively.

Our Contributions

After a thorough research I set the following goal – to create a mobile platform for both iOS and Android where students, readers or exam aspirants can buy, sell and exchange used  or new books. The platform has to be more convenient for people than using social media groups. We have build an app who just doesn’t offer buying selling option but also the genre filter adds icing to the cake, the novel readers can choose their genre also their is a chatbot who will suggest them some good books who has good reviews or feedback.


We plan to implement machine learning algorithms in the search system to explore customers’ journey (what blog posts they have been reading, what courses or programs they have been searching for, where they have come from). 

This way, we will increase the relevance of learning recommendations.


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 Twitter Bootstrap, Coffee Script, SCSS, RSpec, PostgreSQL, Redis


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