Restaurant Review App & Platform

About The Project

A company in Kuwait wanted to provide an online platform for customers where they can check the rating or reviews before visiting any restaurants. So they decided to contact Infoware  for a better solution.

Our Contributions

Infoware created an online platform to discover restaurants. which allows users to discover restaurants and provides

ratings and reviews on the restaurants listed on its platform. We communicated with over 130 people who made it clear that they put little faith in online recommendation and review platforms. Instead, they put far more weight on recommendations from friends or family. This can be attributed to people’s lack of trust in online reviews, frustration with online review platforms from outdated information or an overload of notifications, and the high barrier to sharing a review. People also indicated they have a problem of not knowing the best people to ask for recommendations amongst their social circles, but they desire shared experiences with their friends who have similar tastes and demographics. Lastly, people like to be able to easily see key information such as where a place is and how convenient it is to get there when they receive a recommendation from anyone.


Shrayek is designed to address these problems in a personal and efficient manner. We created an experience that gives users a place to start new discussions with friends about different restaurants in any area, and also quickly share recommendations with low friction and maintain a location-based wishlist. Users have a personal stake in the application by allowing them to build their catalog of restaurants in an easy-to-navigate map view.


Featured, Marketplace, Mobile, MVP, UX design, Web design, Website


HTML 5, CSS 3, SCSS, PostgreSQL, jQuery, React.js


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