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Adani Online: Making Fortune Foods Accessible for All

Adani’s Challenge:

Adani, a renowned producer of fortune food products, sought to expand their reach by establishing an online platform for convenient customer purchases and home delivery. However, they lacked a clear roadmap for optimizing the online experience.

Infoware’s Solution:

Infoware devised a multi-pronged approach to address Adani’s needs:

  • E-commerce platform: An online marketplace and website specifically designed for selling Adani’s fortune food products.
  • Mobile application: A user-friendly mobile app catering to a wider customer base, allowing purchases and home deliveries directly from smartphones.

User-Centric Design:

To understand user needs and tailor the solutions effectively, Infoware employed user persona development. Through this process, three distinct user profiles were created, highlighting their individual challenges and pain points:

  • Time-constrained individuals: Juggling busy schedules and limited shopping time.
  • Remote residents: Lacking access to nearby grocery stores and facing long travel distances for shopping necessities.
  • Price-conscious consumers: Seeking information on deals, discounts, and offers.

Addressing User Pain Points:

The project addressed various user concerns identified through persona research:

  • Reduced shopping time: Streamlined online purchasing eliminates the need for physical store visits, saving valuable time.
  • Convenience for remote locations: Home delivery ensures access to Adani products irrespective of geographical limitations.
  • Improved product awareness: Real-time information on deals, discounts, and promotions directly through the app.
  • Quality assurance: Transparency through detailed product descriptions with customer reviews and ratings.
  • Enhanced cart management: Features like cart value tracking and wishlist creation empower informed shopping decisions.

Technology Stack:

The platform leverages a robust technology stack:

  • Front-End: Angular.js
  • Back-End: Python (Django framework)
  • Deployment: Heroku
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Error Monitoring: Rollbar
  • JavaScript Library: jQuery

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