Online Foood Ordering App

Alshaya Food Delivery App: One Stop for Foodie Delights

Client: Alshaya, a prominent Dubai-based company aiming to offer a convenient online platform for their diverse food brands.

Infoware’s Contribution:

Infoware developed a user-friendly mobile application that empowers customers to explore and order food from all their favorite Alshaya brands in one place. To enhance user experience and navigation:

  • Filtering System: Implemented a comprehensive filtering system, allowing users to easily search for specific food items or restaurants based on preferences and dietary needs.
  • Category Organization: Grouped Alshaya’s extensive food offerings into clear categories, ensuring smooth browsing and efficient product discovery.

Research and User Focus:

Prior to development, Infoware conducted thorough research to gain valuable insights:

  • Competitive Analysis: Evaluated existing food delivery apps in the iOS App Store, identifying key features, user reviews, and potential pain points.
  • User Interviews: Formulated interview questions based on the competitive analysis, enabling them to understand user needs and shape the app’s workflow and design effectively.

Technology Stack:

The application is built upon a robust technology stack:

  • Back-End: Ruby on Rails (utilizing PostgreSQL database)
  • API Development: Grape framework
  • JavaScript Compilation: Babel
  • Modern JavaScript: ESnext (for advanced development features)
  • Testing Frameworks: Cucumber (behavioral testing), RSpec (unit testing)
  • Background Jobs: Sidekiq (handling asynchronous tasks)


  • Cloud Storage: Amazon S3 (securely storing application data)
  • Payment Gateways: Seamless integration with various payment methods for convenient transactions.
  • Navigation: Google Map Navigation and Google Geocoder for efficient delivery routing and location identification.
  • Marketing and Analytics: Google Tag Manager for effective user behavior tracking and marketing campaign optimization.


This project successfully delivers a unified platform for users to access Alshaya’s diverse culinary offerings, simplifying the food ordering process while providing a seamless user experience. Infoware’s focus on user-centric design and comprehensive research ensures a solution that caters to the evolving needs of food delivery enthusiasts in the region.

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