On-Demand Bakery Solution

Caffe Marchio: Modernizing a Roman Coffee Tradition

Client: Caffe Marchio, a New York cafe seeking to enhance their online presence and streamline internal operations.

Infoware’s Contributions:

Infoware provided a comprehensive solution addressing Caffe Marchio’s needs across various aspects:

  • Integrations: Seamless integration with existing systems to ensure smooth data flow and efficient management.
  • Back-end Development: Development and optimization of the back-end infrastructure to support core functionalities.
  • Marketing Guidance: Strategic advice and support to effectively reach their target audience and achieve marketing goals.
  • POS System: Implementation of a modern point-of-sale system to manage transactions and sales efficiently.

Addressing Legacy Code Challenges:

Infoware established a dedicated supply engineering team to tackle the challenge of optimizing and rewriting existing legacy code, a significant hurdle for the project. This team:

  • Enhanced Buyer Functionality: Focused on improving functionalities specifically relevant to buyers, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient experience.
  • Optimized Order Workflow: Streamlined the order process to minimize drop-off rates and improve conversion rates by simplifying the checkout process.
  • Redesigned User Forms: Replaced complex and cumbersome forms with user-friendly and streamlined alternatives, reducing the number of steps required and enhancing user experience.

Understanding the Target Audience:

To ensure effective website design and marketing strategies, Infoware conducted a thorough:

  • Target Market Analysis: Defined the ideal customer profile and characteristics through market research.
  • Competitive Assessment: Evaluated competitors to gain insights into market trends and identify potential areas for differentiation.

Technology Stack:

The project leveraged a modern technology stack:

  • Front-End: React.js
  • Back-End: Ruby on Rails (utilizing Redis database)
  • Asynchronous Tasks: Sidekiq
  • Testing Frameworks: RSpec
  • Styling: SCSS
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Amazon AWS
  • API Development: REST API/GraphQL


Infoware’s solution successfully modernized Caffe Marchio’s online presence and internal operations. By addressing legacy code challenges, improving user experience, and providing strategic guidance, Infoware empowered Caffe Marchio to continue delivering its authentic Roman coffee experience in today’s digital landscape.


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