Interactive Kids Learning Platform

About The Project

When choosing a development partner for their educational marketplace, the customers, to be more specific, the client, gave priority to companies with strong marketplace development expertise and profound knowledge of technology. 

Infoware was founded in 2006. Over the years, we have gained vast experience building different software solutions.

Marketplace development is one of the priority areas for our company. As for the technology stack, from the very beginning, AWS has been chosen as our main technology. We find this framework the best solution for building robust, secure, and high-performing applications, including multi-vendor marketplaces and e-commerce websites.

Our Contributions

To make their educational marketplace a profitable and sustainable business, the client had to ensure the safety, security, and reliability of payments processed on the platform. For this reason, they had to choose the payment system wisely. 

When optimizing the website for the customer, we faced the challenge of social sharing. Social media bots that generate sharing snippets could not wait until the web page with dynamic content uploads all the required information. As a result, the shared snippet was blank, meaning there was no image, title, or description.

Since frameworks and libraries aimed at fixing the SEO issue we mentioned above (here we should mention Next.js and Gatsby.js) were not mature at the time when we started working on this project, we chose full-page caching with the help of service


The differentiating feature of the platform is a complex system of search and filters aimed at helping learners find the most relevant courses and programs. We set up a great number of different search criteria to allow users to get personalized recommendations. Since we are working with large volumes of data and the response speed is one of the main criteria, not only for end-users but for website indexing as well, we use ElasticSearch technology to boost search results.


Marketplace, UX design, Website


React.js, Redis, Sidekiq, RSpec, SCSS, Amazon AWS, REST API


InfinityCloud, AWSS3, Google Tag Manager

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