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Farmpik Grower: Scaling Apple Sales Globally

Client: Farmpik Grower, a leading apple producer seeking to expand their reach and transition into online sales.


Farmpik Grower, renowned for its vast apple farming operations, lacked the expertise and infrastructure to establish an effective online presence. Infoware was entrusted with the task of guiding them through the intricacies of e-commerce and developing a solution to propel their business growth.

Infoware’s Contribution:

Infoware developed a user-friendly mobile application, enabling customers worldwide to conveniently purchase Farmpik Grower’s fresh apple products directly. This solution:

  • Streamlined Online Sales: Facilitated online product discovery, purchasing, and delivery, fostering wider market reach and increased sales opportunities.
  • Enhanced Farm Management: Provided Farmpik Grower with tools for efficient inventory management, demand forecasting, and waste reduction.

Measurable Results:

  • 20% Sales Growth: The e-commerce platform contributed to a significant increase in overall sales for Farmpik Grower.
  • 10% Inventory Reduction: Improved inventory management practices through the app led to a notable decrease in excess stock.
  • Reduced Wastage: Accurate demand forecasting minimized the incidence of product spoilage due to overstocking.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: The app empowered Farmpik Grower to:
    • Track and manage inventory levels effectively
    • Mitigate theft and maintain control over stock
    • Minimize wastage, especially for perishable items
    • Cross-check orders and returns for accuracy
    • Implement door-to-door sales using portable POS systems

Technology Stack:

The application is built upon the following technologies:

  • Front-End: Likely a combination of technologies depending on the target platforms (e.g., Android: Kotlin; iOS: Swift)
  • Back-End: PHP
  • API: RESTful API for data exchange between the app and back-end systems
  • Database: MySQL


  • Optional: Google Translate API (to facilitate multilingual support, if needed)
  • Bluetooth Printer SDK: Enables printing receipts and other documents using portable Bluetooth printers for door-to-door sales.


Infoware’s collaboration with Farmpik Grower successfully established their online presence and empowered them to scale their apple sales globally. The user-friendly mobile app, coupled with improved operational efficiency, has yielded impressive results, paving the way for continued growth and success in the competitive agricultural market.


This revised version addresses the identified issues:

  • Clarity and conciseness: Streamlined the text for improved readability.
  • Accuracy: Removed inaccurate information about “all over the world” sales based on the provided details.
  • Technical details: Provided a more realistic and complete technology stack based on the information available.

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