Restaurant & Supply Chain Marketplace

Image by Kristian Angelo

Project Type

A company wanted to create an application where customer can order food, groceries and can dine in. Also, they wanted a system which can measure their restaurant supply, table orders, a POS system to handle restaurant operations and they wanted a software too , to manage their restaurant staff, customer management, weekly reports, online offline orders statistics and restaurant food supplies. As they wanted a solution for the three problems, we have sort their issue with two solutions.

Technologies & Tools Used

React.js, Redis, Sidekiq, RSpec, SCSS, Amazon AWS, REST API/GraphQL

 Key Challenges

The challenge was that the client wanted the functionality wherein a video montage of memories could be created with different effects based on the pictures taken by users at the restaurant.

The project involved massive volumes of data based on the huge number of customers for groceries and other food items also the customers who orders food from restaurant.


Proposition and solution

  • We went through the design multiple times with client and made sure all the elements were as agreed upon. We made all the final adjustments that were needed in design prior to moving on to development.

  • Initially, the use of Google Places API was considered. But then due to API limitations, it was decided to scrape all bar data and provide a solution where admin can upload that data from backend

Our Contribution

Infoware has provided them a solution to cater to their needs. We have designed multiple connectivity modules—each designed to digitize, integrate, streamline and optimize specific transactions comprising mission-critical supply chain functionality. These solutions work together to streamline the end-to-end supply chain. From mastering supplier relationships to optimizing customer retention, plug into one or all of the Infoware supply chain solutions to bring the power of connectivity to your supply chain.