Music App

Project Type

We create an intuitive mobile solution for the ios and android users that reduces overall turnaround time by improving. we designed and developed a minimum viable product (MVP), with a prioritized product roadmap set for phased delivery using our now, next, later model. The app design was created in the form so that when customer select a genre of the song , the playlist will be automatically played as per genre.

Technologies & Tools Used

Ember.js, GitHub, JavaScript,  Jira.

Key Challenges

Since the client was not technical so we had a detailed discussion and helped the client to build his business logic.
Maintaining a huge database of the registered people was quite challenging.

Proposition & Solution

  • We considered the design and development aspect in sync with each other.

  • We ensured quality coding and testing before the delivery.

  • This app is build to the users who want to listen to the radio broadcasts, filtered genre of music , the top chart busters music of the month or the year.

Our Contribution

When we started, our main objective was to improve the first version of the product and prepare it for the final release and we successfully achieved that goal. Next step was the creation of an entirely new UI / UX design of backend administrative panel, as well as loads of improvements of the public version of the app. Now we have very ambitious product development roadmap with loads of new features.