Multi Service Ordering App

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Project Type

The company wanted to start an online app where they can provide every service using online booking like salon service, electrician, plumber, house cleaner etc. The company brings together senior citizens, families and single people with qualified everyday helpers and thereby supports them in their daily lives. We have made about 5 different landing pages to sell the marketplace to clients and helpers. We tried to make our design without excessive information to help users to find a needed information. The basic premise of a successful landing page is that it has a single focused purpose and every landing page is specific to a particular field.

Technologies & Tools Used

HTML 5, CSS 3,PostgreSQL, jQuery, Redis, Payment Gateways, Google Firebase, Google Geocoder & Map API, Facebook and Google+ login APIs

Key Challenges

The biggest challenge was to handle the database of so many queries, comments, and reply to various quotes posted by customers.


The most key aspect of e-commerce website design is the “user experience.” In this we need to consider such things as ease of navigation, how the information is organized, the content itself and how clear it is to understand.

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Proposition & Solution

  • Our team developed an innovative solution to this changing world in order to help them selecting best product and service

  • We considered the design and development aspect in sync with each other.

  • We ensured quality coding and testing before the delivery.

Our Contribution

Infoware created an application for multi service proving app where customers can easily book an appointment for this house services and can track their service member using the app. We are experts in building an online marketplace with AWS platform and mobile apps. 

We developed promo-site with two landing pages for clients and for helpers (marketplace suppliers).