On- Demand Ordering Platform & App

Project Type

A client reached out to Infoware for the design and also the development of a food delivery app for her business. The MVP and everything were designed and developed in three months, including shipment real-time tracking. The product was first directly launched on the market on google play store, in order to test the traction and validate the idea before it was released in-app store.

Technologies & Tools Used

HTML 5, CSS 3, SCSS, GitHub, Heroku, Haml, Sendgrid, PostgreSQL, jQuery, React.js

Key challenges

The project involved massive volumes of data based on the huge number of diverse categories of pizzas as well as distinct keyword-driven data types to make it easy for diners to find precisely what they wanted.

The system also needed to include a built-in reservation system, social media connections and a navigation utility for mobile users to reach their destinations.

Image by Kelvin T

Proposition & Solution

  • Development of the website with the features of the online dining website.

  • Login/registration section for the customers on the website

  • Restaurant management module for the admin to create and manage the account for the restaurant owners.

Our Contribution

The company had a very clear target, a target that needs an extremely easy and fast to use solution. The app looks professional while also looking beautiful which distances itself from the normal food delivery app usage. From the user interview findings, we created 2 user personas, restaurant-based and food-based users. Restaurant-based users follow the existing model of food delivery apps where dishes are grouped by the restaurant. Food-based users follow a new model where they are more interested in discovering dishes rather than restaurants.