Hyper local fruits ordering

Project Type

Farmpik Grower , company provides the farm products all over the world because of the large business they decided to start an online business but they were not sure on how things works in online platforms so Infoware helped them to grow more in their business.

Technologies & Tools Used


Key Challenges

Managing Different Products From different Vendors. Creating Sub orders internally.
In the grocery business, coupons often come from the manufacturer but this grocery retailer wanted to be able to provide its own in-house coupons as well.

Proposition & Solution

  • We developed an application included a variety of out-of-the-box functionality.

  • With flexible schema and flows, we were able to customize the platform to its needs including the ability to add in data from the loyalty and digital coupon programs.


Our Contribution

Infoware created an application were customers can easily purchase farm products.

 “Farm-Pik is now instituted the largest integrated apple supply chain initiative with ultra-modern storage infrastructure in the country to provide fresh farm products to its consumers and improve the livelihood of the apple farmers across the Himalayan states.