Chemistry Application Portfolio

Working in Lab

Project Type

 A University wanted to create an online platform where they can provide a visual study to students. The demand for e-learning apps and platforms has immensely increased during the Covid-19. As teaching and learning are digitizing, opportunities for growth only increase at an accelerated pace. As it was a chemistry subject so it was a tough task to make it online so they came to Infoware for a solution.

Technologies & Tools Used

jQuery, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Bootstrap, Ubuntu, Capistrano, Cucumber, Sass, Jenkins

Key Challenges

The major challenge was to maintain the big database of courses & their content on the website.

The client wanted to develop a web based Learning Management System that would facilitate their requirement to provide interactive courses.

Image by Alex Kondratiev

Proposition & Solution

  • In order to create a more comprehensive and complete E-learning program, we developed learning management systems using the following criteria:

  • Easy-to-use interface for all users

  • Single sign-on integration

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • In-depth reporting

Our Contribution

 At the beginning of every project, the main goal is to get a well-rounded and in-depth understanding of the project objectives. The client and our project manager work closely together to collect functional and non-functional requirements, choose the most appropriate tech stack, estimate the budget and plan the project development process. Ensuring that everyone on the team is 100% on the same page is a top priority.  In that way, ideas are developed most efficiently and cost-effectively.