Dictionary Application

Image by Joshua Hoehne

Project Type

The client approached to create a mobile product that would not only complement the word meaning platform but ultimately create a new dictionary application experience to contribute to the continuity of learning at home, specifically for kids, travelers, professionals, learners  who wants to learn other languages also in addition to their native language. To reach a larger audience, increase user engagement, and establish the app as an essential learning tool, there were several requisites we met.

Technologies & Tools Used

ReactJS, HTML5, Slim, CSS3, SCSS, Javascript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, AWS

Key Challenges

This project had to be completed quickly, effectively and without errors and the addition of two more languages made this assignment even more of a priority and a challenge.

Whenever an update need arises, teams working on the content need to refer back to previously translated segments, providing faster turnaround times, more consistent translations and reduced costs.
Image by Aaron Burden

Proposition and solution

  • We developed an application which just not give the meaning in your desired language but also converts what you say into dozens of languages

  • We have arranged the maximum possible vocabulary for the app this was on e of the challenge which we succeed confidently.

 Our Contribution

Infoware provided them with a Mobile Application which translates the words or sentences in every language. And for the learning part we added a feature named as quiz for knowledge check. Infoware added some other features like notes where they can save their data by creating notes etc. We designed and developed a minimum viable product (MVP), with a prioritized product roadmap set for phased delivery using our now, next, later model.