Understanding Faith


Project Type

Client approached us to create an app about islam religion so that people would have a better and relevant information about this. We designed the learning pedagogy in quiz system so that people have interest on it and love to interact with app oftenly. Islam is a religion where they believe that the answer of every problem in the world is already there in their religious book so their belief in their religion is very high and one client wanted to provide an easy way to learning islam religion for everyone but they were not sure on how to provide it in a easy way. They decided to contact Infoware.

Technologies & Tools Used

React.js, Redis, Sidekiq, RSpec, SCSS, Amazon AWS

Key Challenges

The biggest challenge was to create an app that can prove to be to be just as convenient and helpful as the spiritual audio books on it.
 Another major challenge was to deploy some unique, useful and advanced spiritual content(including e-books, quiz etc.) which provide more engagement to its users.
Image by The Dancing Rain

Proposition and solution

  • We have provided the best ever solution for spiritual people to fulfill their spiritual needs online. 

  • We ensured quality coding and testing before the delivery.

  • We considered the design and development aspect in sync with each other.

  • Our team developed an efficient app for spiritual learning about islam through the quiz system.

Our Contribution

Infoware provided them a solution where they can provide a Mobile Application for learning Islam. Infoware created an application where they can learn Islam in an easy way and after the learning part is done we provided them a quiz section where they can check their knowledge.