Chemistry Application

About The Project

 A University wanted to create an online platform where they can provide a visual study to students. The demand for e-learning apps and platforms has immensely increased during the Covid-19. As teaching and learning are digitizing, opportunities for growth only increase at an accelerated pace. As it was a chemistry subject so it was a tough task to make it online so they came to Infoware  for a solution.

Our Contributions

At the beginning of every project, the main goal is to get a well-rounded and in-depth understanding of the project objectives. The client and our project manager work closely together to collect functional and non-functional requirements, choose the most appropriate tech stack, estimate the budget and plan the project development process. 

Ensuring that everyone on the team is 100% on the same page is a top priority.  In that way, ideas are developed most efficiently and cost-effectively. Our experience as a software development company proves that the fundamental research made before the start of the project and noted down helps to create a clear plan and complete all the milestones on time and within budget. 


We carefully studied the product and business idea behind it, elicited the requirements, and created the project development schedule. Our client’s previous in-house team focused heavily on the technical part, so our job was to analyze the product from the business side and define the best scope of work for its improvement.


Featured, E-learning, Mobile App, SaaS, Website


 jQuery, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Bootstrap, Ubuntu, Capistrano, Cucumber, Sass, Jenkins


Stripe, Facebook, Twitter, Google Tag Manager


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