Custom e-learning

Custom elearning development for your Organisation

Advantages of our Custom elearning development

  • custom elearning caters to the unique needs of the organization
  • custom elearning course development is focused towards organization specific skills and changes
  • custom elearning development works towards achieving specific organization learning needs and goals

Features of our custom elearning development

We have been producing custom elearning courses for organisations in Australia, Germany, UK, USA, Canada.

Our custom elearning development is:

  • high quality instructional design
  • quick and planned turnaround and delivery of courses
  • latest technology – html5 courses as well as flash courses
  • meet organizational learning objectives, content delivery
  • testing and deployment on LMS

Custom elearning development levels

On a very basic level we classify courses by level of interactivity and instructional design required

Level 1
courses are effective in learning content but with minimum interactivity. Quiz is included in the course or at the end

Level 2
courses are engaging with more interactivity and audio syncronisation. Interactions are included as required

Level 3
courses are highly interactive, may contains scenarios, simulations and also high quality media and interactivity.