Captivate development

E-learning Course development using Adobe Captivate

Build Interactive Simulation -based courses using Captivate

Advantages of using Adobe Captivate for elearning courses

– create simulation based courses easily using Captivate

– Create great visually engaging and interactive courses using Captivate

– Captivate is one of the best learning tool for creating action based elearning or learn-by-doing learning

Features of Adobe Captivate elearning courses

– Captivate 8 enables creation of responsive elearning courses for tablets, pc, and phones

– Simulation based elearning and interactive scenarios are best done with Captivate

– Use of Javascript makes interactive scenarios ,quiz and custom navigation of course

Adobe Captivate learning course development

1. Captivate Template creation

2. Captivate Menu and navigation creation

3. Creation of slides based on storyboard

4. Approval of alpha version of course

5. Incorporate voice over and finishing of course

6. LMS testing and deployment